Baroness – Yellow & Green (Relapse, 2012)

3 thoughts on “Baroness – Yellow & Green (Relapse, 2012)

  1. Nice write-up… I’m fascinated that you like this (although I know you have broad tastes).

    I was unconvinced at first but then listened to it maybe 20 times back-to-back (I get a little OCD at times). It’s not perfect but it’s a great record.

    I’m still hatching my own post as I want to give it a fair crack of the whip rather than just giving snap judgements.

    For the record, I love Blue, Red and First & Second.

  2. Great review – I totally agree with the section about making songs that you can tell apart – I loved that about this album. I also appreciated that they had the stones to go in a different direction – nothing drives me more nuts than bands that stagnate simply because they’re afraid of pissing off some fans.

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